Technology and craftsmanship
The complimentarity of technology and craftsmanship is the key to achieving the standard that is typical of the master goldsmith with the aid of optimized production processes.
We have adopted embedded IT systems to monitor the full production cycle. Every staff member in our departments, from casting to polishing, to quality control, are provided with a device, thanks to which the progress of each piece of jewellery can be tracked accurately at any given time.
Metals and analysis of purity
Within our workshop, we cast and manufacture gold pieces – using 18kt, 14kt, and 9kt gold in any desired colour – and items in silver, platinum and palladium. To verify the title of the metals used in creating our collections, we avail of a FISCHERSCOPE XRAY XAN SPECTOMETER, which is integral to our production cycle, allowing us to test every piece and verify its thickness of the galvanic treatment, thus assuring the high quality and safety of our production.
Rapid prototyping,
rubber moulds and casting
Rapid prototyping allows us to move directly from 3D designing to wax casting and to create objects which, otherwise, would be impossible to produce by any other process. On completing the 3D piece, or the metal item, either the wax prototype can be produced or the wax models from rubber moulds can be made to be used for production. We extensively use some of the most modern and most efficient production techniques: micro-casting, proto-casting, rapid prototyping, scanners and reverse engineering.
CNC Department
When it is necessary, we use mechanical processes. In-house, we have CNC machines, manual milling machines, drills, diamond cutting machines, machine tools, manual grinder polishers and automatic lapping machines. On extending our premises, we decided to dedicate particular attention to the CNC department. We have the know-how to plan, manage and carry out every type of mechanical process and, in addition, we are investing in a development plan that will, in the short term, bring us to purchase the technology needed to upscale production.

Oven soldering
We use two soldering ovens: one is 2.80 m. for goldware, silverware and suchlike while the other is 4.20 m, with a maximum temperature of 1,100 degrees, thus suitable for welding steel components or for deoxidising.
Goldsmiths at their workbenches
The philosophy of our company is to preserve and conserve the goldsmithing traditions that have made Valenza famous for goldsmithing. We believe that only a craftsman, who is able to bring a jewel to life by hand, can take advantage of state-of-the-art technology as a modern tool to uphold the magic touch and charm of a jewel that is handcrafted in the noble tradition. It is for this reason that, every year, we encourage our staff to uptrain by attending highly qualifying courses. We invest resources in and dedicate care to apprentices that we welcome to our company for internships oranized by arts and crafts institutes. Furthermore, we are among the founding members of the Mani Intelligenti Foundation, set up to promote jewellery-making nationally and internationally and to encourage new generations to enter the jewellery-crafting world.
We are proud to be able to say that we have special competence in creating enamel work. Indeed, we are able to enamel any surface, applying geometrical or pictorial motifs, and, by blending basic colours, adapt the hues to our customers’ needs.
A purpose-built workshop, furnished with tailormade and functional workbenches, equipped with GRS Tools microscopes, houses the setting department which can carry out any type of setting style.
With the intent of guaranteeing the highest level of confidentiality, even the laser engraving is performed in our own workshop with the aid of a laser beam that executes both extremely light and deep engravings. All finishing and polishing are carried out entirely within the factory by staff who avail of work-stations fitted with motors with inverters to perform cleaning and control the brush-spinning speed, as well as microscopes that bestowing maximum precision and quality. In the finishing stage, our craftsmen are capable of sand-blasting, satin finishing and diamond-polishing all our items. Moreover, we have three machines for galvanic treatments: one for silver with a palladium and rhodium process, one specifically for gold with a rhodium process and the third is for gold-plating and coloured rhodium-plating.