The genesis of a collection
is a joint effort.
The jewellery we produce is the fruit of a close and ongoing relationship between the customer and our specialized staff, thanks to a constant exchange which is monitored by ISO project management systems. A collection may be based on a design of the customer’s, on an idea that needs to be developed or even on a source of artistic or poetic inspiration.

During the creative phase of a collection, we prefer to give free rein to creativity and imagination. With the aid of our MOODWORK approach, we strive to valorize the smallest details, in order to bring to the fore those minute features which make each jewel unique, with its distinguishing personality, while accurately reflecting its source of inspiration.
Analysis of the backdrop
Each collection is the expression of a cultural backdrop and, in virtue of this, our research does not stop at the style and beauty of the piece to be crafted but elevates it with pertinent artistic and historic background. Further to this, it is essential to engage with the customer so as to fully understand the socio-economic context which is the backdrop to the new collection: the end-buyer, retail price, similar article on offer from competition and the potential sales volumes.

As well as having the capability of designing collections entirely in-house, we have acquired competence in collaborating with free-lance designers of our customers’ choice, to achieve perfect synergy in our work.

Computer Aided Design
On completing the study of the collection, our creative staff set to work in close collaboration with the 3D department, Now is when the jewel comes to life bearing the traits of the original artistic inspiration but enhanced and ready for the production stage: now due attention is paid to volumes and thicknesses and this is done thanks to our cutting-edge technology.

From the 3D modelling comes the high quality rendering whose purpose is to present our customer with a realistic facsimile of the product to come.

Optimization of production
Once the rendering has been approved, there follows accurate analysis of all the production techniques best suited to the flawless execution of the project.
High-end jewellery
3D designing has almost entirely taken over from modelling by hand, however we take pride in saying that we preserve and conserve those manual skills which define noble, traditional goldsmithing practices. This craftsmanship has the dual purpose of carrying on the goldsmith’s art in manual work and cultivating the know-how and of being able to endow each piece with the masterful touch of a skilled craftsman.