Metal used

In our laboratory, we are able to produce items in gold by using certified 18kt., 14kt., and 9kt. gold alloys in all the desired colors. Moreover, we produce objects in silver, platinum, palladium and steel.
Molding and Melting 

After obtaining a 3D model or a metal model, we proceed with the creation of a prototype in wax or directly with the production of waxes from silicone molds for serial production. We are able to use the most advanced and efficient technologies: microcasting, protocasting, rapid prototyping, 3D scanning and reverse engineering.
Turning and Machining 

If the item requires such processing, we use machining to obtain a better quality while at the same time reducing costs. We have two manual milling machines, two drilling machines, one diamonding machine, two 4-axis CNC milling machines, two lathes, manual bell-disc grinders, and one automatic lapping machine.
Furnace Welding 

Our company has two conveyor belt furnaces: a 2.80-m-long Maule furnace for gold, silver and similar materials, as well as a 4.20-m-long Ieco furnace with a max temperature of 1100 °C, which makes it fit for the de-rusting and welding of steel parts.
Laser cutting

Thanks to the Fiberlux laser machine by Elettrolaser, which uses the environmentally friendly ytterbium optical fiber technology, we are able to cut and engrave the item while at the same time optimizing our product quality and accuracy.