Besides the possibility to design our new collections internally, our company is experienced in collaborating with a network of independent designers, since we are aware that every design project should be entrusted to the person most suitable for the purpose of reflecting its spirit.
CAD Design 

At the end of the collection conception phase, the creative team collaborates tightly with the 3D design department. Thus the jewelry item will be born reflecting the original artistic instructions perfectly. At the same time, it will be optimized to start its industrial production process with the necessary attention to item volume and thickness, as well as with the possibility to apply advanced production technologies thanks to adequate design.

Through 3D modeling we obtain high quality renderings in order to present a realistic image of the final product to the customer. The rendering software we use is Brazil for Rhino 3D.

Wax prototyping with Solidscape T66 and Solidscape 3Z Pro machines.
Metal prototyping with Venture VPE 253 milling machine.
Manual modeling

The 3D design process has almost completely replaced manual modeling. However, we are proud of maintaining and preserving the manual modeling skill typical of the traditional goldsmith's art. We do this because on the one hand, the goldsmith's art lives and enriches itself thanks to manual work and know-how; on the other hand, we are aware of the need to enhance each jewelry item with a master goldsmith's touch.
Industrial Production – Optimization

The 3D project – which is already optimized based on the metal to be used, the thickness of the item and the parts to be assembled – represents a fundamental phase of the production process, which we analyze step by step, planning the use of technology and modes of production in order to obtain optimal results.