As we have seen in the design phase, the combination of technology and manual work is our key to obtaining the quality typical of the traditional goldsmith's art with optimized production processes in terms of time and costs.

Our company’s philosophy is to preserve the art of manual work which has made Valenza's goldsmith's district famous in the past century. We are aware that only a goldsmith who is able to make products manually can use the most advanced technologies without losing the magic of jewels produced according to the noble goldsmith's tradition.
Laser Welding Machines 

Our company has six laser welding machines and our personnel is prepared to use such equipment in the most efficient way for every metal we are processing.

We boast special expertise in the production of enameled collections, by carrying out either cold or fire processing. We are able to enamel every material, by painting geometric or pictorial patterns and adapting standard colors to the customer’s needs through suitable blends.

Our experienced gem setters are able to carry out every type of pressing by using GRS Tools microscopes.